Knowledge is power.

Information is liberating.

Education is the premise of progress,

in every society, in every family.




I am a lecturer in the field of Art and Graphic Design. But I consider my path to be simply one of a creative pursuit into the avenue of imparting knowledge to students and helping uplift the skills shortage in South Africa.



When to the sessions of silent thought
I lose the joys we now do taste
For such degrees of life are bought
Sorrow we face for this Earth is waste
What can that immortal be
From change in mind are only free
And so my thoughts have come,


These words as life shall stumble on

Fables of everlasting life, morals of this disastrous world
Polluted with people of circumstance leading to a cycle of septic attitude
Driving all into a sphere of abilities which are unknown
The brain of truth forever wandering to an endless form

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